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Pure Ion Coating Technology
Pure Ion Coating (abbr. PIC) is patented Technology by Anhui Chunyuan Coating Technologies Co, Ltd. Compared with other coating technologies, PIC has two inno...
Chemical Vapor Deposition Technology
Chemical Vapor Deposition (abbr. CVD) means the whole process that high temp. gas chemical reaction in vacuum, then produced solid-state substance is deposited ...
Magnetic sputter is one kind of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). It contains a whole process whereby (1). electrons, uder interaction by electromagnetic field,...
IonBeam Cleaning Technology
Background and Introduction :1,Material surface in nature is usually covered by Atmospheric molecules, particles and oxides. Many of the coverings are micr...


   Anhui Chunyuan Coating Technologies Ltd(abbr. CHUNYUAN), established by specialists from Singapore, focuses on design,research, process deve... more


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